The Art of the Pick Up Line


Written and Spoken by: By JD Dallas
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Want to be better at approaching women?

Want to get phone numbers? – Here’s the low-down with enough phone number techniques to fill your smartphone for a decade.

The TRUTH about Pick Up Lines – why do they work, why do they fail and misconceptions dispelled.

Learn how and why it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

After listening – and you’ll want to listen over and over again to absorb every detail – you’ll feel more prepared than ever the next time you see that special someone you want to approach.


Let’s face it - some guys just wanna know: How to pick up chicks.

Well, gents - here it is. Tons of technique, tips, tricks and stuff that works.

I explain the art of the pick up line - and give you some of my best ones.

Wanna get phone numbers? Every phone number gambit that works for me and every man is in here.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques - Throw away the “pick up manual” and fill in the gaps to your game with stuff that works. We explain what to do, how to do it, and why it works. Tons of proven techniques for a variety of situations - all designed to become part of who you are.

This is way beyond pick up lines.

This all new audio is jammed with pick up line techniques - and great mindset you will learn the psychology behind ever tip, why every trick works and how every technique becomes part of who you are.

Reading that god awful “double your dating” crap does nothing to transform you into a new man. Trust me - I know. I’ve tried it all.

What you need is real, concrete technique that works - not some list of lines and routines.

And while I give you plenty of what to say and how to say it - the theme behind it all is the action and practice that it takes not to just learn the art - but to perfect it and make it part of who you are.

This audio is brand new and fresh - and includes tons of great moves you can use right away.

  • The best words to use when “breaking the ice”
  • Constructing good lines depending on situations - it’s easy
  • More phone number techniques that work than you’ll find anywhere
  • Exercises and easy practices tips to change your instinctual game
  • My favorite “foto tips” for use in a pick up or on a date
  • How to win over a girl out with her friend
  • Using your female friends to get you more women
  • Where to go on that “first date” and how to pull it off
  • Every Technique is full of the mindset as well as the steps
  • Inside the female mind - and how to counter her game
  • How to build an attitude that makes everything work
  • Utilizing the “Romeo and Juliet” effect - her love/lust for you will multiply
  • Kissing techniques - How to get them - how to avoid rejection
  • Touching and physical technique - fast forward to the comfort zone
  • How to get her “invested” in you - and working hard to keep you
  • More new lines - when and how to use them effectively
  • The instant date technique - don’t spend a dime and have a great time
  • How to “read her mind” and powerfully connect with her
  • Great touching games to play in a pick up or on a date
  • The psychology and origin of the “pick up line” - and how it can hurt your chances
  • Proven moves to have her “after you” all the time
  • And over 50 great moves, tips, tricks - tons of our best stuff

Guys - straight pick up lines in and of themselves just don’t work. They may help you get past a woman’s defenses, but they do nothing to change who you are. They can’t get you to move from beta to alpha male - it’s not going to happen.

That’s why you need to know the mindset and the attitude behind everything you do. That’s why you need to not only know what works - but why it works. And you need to realize that there is no quick fix - anybody that tells you otherwise is lying.

If there were - we’d all be out dating a million women a week.

The Art of the Pick Up LineĀ is damned-near every trick in the book. While it makes no promise of instant transformation - but it does make the promise that the techniques, moves and tricks in this audio can become part of who you are - unlike those “double your dating” routines.

As always - I’m so proud to bring you my latest audio set. I really believe in the information and everything you’ll learn in this audio - because I lived it. Enjoy and use these effective techniques now.

Over 3 hours

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