Where to Go on Dates - How to Get Her Back to Your Place

Get both of our Perfect Date Audio Books in one slick package - and save $20 over buying them separately.

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Shelling out money for dates is not how to get women to like you.

How many times have you taken a woman to dinner, or a movie, bought flowers and other gifts and simply ended up with paying the bill and not much else? Worse - have you shelled out your hard-earned money for that first, second and third date only to have her put you in the friend zone?

Well that stops now.

In this devastatingly effective and proven series you’ll learn:

  • How to not pay for dates - and why you shouldn’t
  • How to make the right first phone call
  • Get her feeling like she’s known you forever
  • Fast-forward to comfort and familiarity
  • Effective “on the couch” techniques
  • Great ideas for dates
  • How to evaluate her on a date
  • The priming date - and how it always works
  • The right - and wrong - things to talk about on a date
  • How to get physical with her right away
  • Tons of tips and tricks for successful dating
  • Advanced Techniques for screening your women
  • The psychology behind getting phone numbers - and what to do with them
  • Setting up a system for dating
  • Getting her over to your house - it’s easier than you think
  • Follow up calls
  • Great new ways to look at dating and dates
  • And everything from getting her number to getting her on your couch

We think you can take if from there…and if not there is the Perfect Date Volume 2: the Sex Tapes. Everything you need to know about the bedroom. Super, secret dating techniques you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s nothing complicated about this audio –  and the simple to follow dialogue and instructions from the Master J.D. and Modern Male Lifestyle dating coach the Maya Jordan  are the best dating advice we’ve ever come up with.


When you give a woman an intense, memorable sexual experience - she’s yours forever.

This is the holy grail of sex moves and techniques - including fool-proof ways to make her “O” and keep her coming back for more.

Whether you are one-on-one with a woman or want to take it to the next level and get her into a threesome with you, we spell it all out – step by step, move by move. It’s our most exhaustive program ever – four CD-length - full of killer tips, tricks, techniques and moves.

No matter your level of experience or expertise, there’s always room for improvement. And if you’ve been struggling to keep your women happy or get them into the bedroom in the first place, this is the audio you’ve been waiting for.

Some of What You Will Learn

  • What is the number one complaint women have about the way men operate in the bedroom? The answer may surprise you…
  • All about the female G-spot – from a female
  • The big difference in the bedroom between under-30 women and over-30 women, and how to please them all
  • The “Sexy 17” - seventeen great sex moves and techniques you can use right away
  • Maya’s tips on the female orgasm – and how to drive her wild
  • The art of the threesome – before, during and after
  • How to write a perfect personal ad for finding a “third” partner – and other great ways to get another woman involved
  • Great strategies for finding out if your girl is into other women (guess what – they all are – you just have to bring it out)
  • Big mistakes to avoid during a threesome
  • A simple, quick and easy way to make her instantly comfortable once she’s undressing
  • A killer technique for starting a three-way make-out session
  • How – and when - to bring up sexual adventures to your girlfriend and how to pull them off
  • Great ways to direct any conversation toward sex
  • How and why to stimulate all of her senses
  • Ways to give her – and you – a memorable sexual experience (that will keep her coming back for more)
  • The biggest mistakes men make the first time she is with you in bed – and how to avoid them
  • A million little details – you’ll have to listen over and over to get it all – there’s so much great information in The Perfect Date 2: The Sex Tapes

The Perfect Date– Volume One and Volume Two – is the perfect audio series for any man who wants to learn quickly and easily the best and most effective dating strategies and bedroom moves.

Together it’s 7 hours of great material.

Become the alpha sex machine you know you want to be - and the kind of lover women will come back to again and again.

You get Both Audios - which normally sell for $75 each - for one low price.

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