JD…I just want to thank you personally for all you’ve done for me!!  You explain things in an easy to understand and relate to way!  My situation was crazy!!  You’ve helped me tremendously!!  And I thank you!!!!!

David M.


My name is Danny and I am writing this testimonial to tell you and everyone who will read or listen that JD is the real deal. He knows what he is talking about 100%. He was the major factor in turning my life around in all dealings with woman.



You can apply everything in his audios and consultations not only to woman, but to life in general.

If you are having problems with woman or the way you deal with woman, listen to him and do as he advises! It works! Every bit of it!

Changing or “getting” The Attitude is a major part of making everything work. He will teach you how. Yes you!

I am not a spring chicken. I am in my mid fifties. As I found out it makes no difference how old you or the woman you are dealing with are. He knows how they think and how they work.

JD has been counseling me since early February. He has taken me out of a very bad place. I can not thank him enough. He is not just here to make a dollar. He truly cares about you.
All this being said, use his material. It works.

Everyone have a great day and as JD would say, “live the lifestyle”



Danny D.

Indianapolis, IN - USA


JD - Thanks for being so patient with me bro,i really do appreciate it. I find it hard to believe that when i came across your site i wasn’t even looking for advice about women and all stupid @!*&,but after going through countless amounts of self-improvement web sites you were the only person that had the common decency to give me a call when i needed help with something over the phone.And that s what really stood out the most to me about you!

I’ve had a lot of things that have really been bothering me for a VERY long time and i never could fully understand why i was never truly happy,but the more i listen and study the audios the more it makes perfect sense. It really amazes me when i look back at the person that i used to be and the life that i pretended to live,i know there’s a lot of things i went through and shit that i ll just have to live with and remember for the rest of my life,but that s o.k, i realize now that it was just a part of life i had to go through. I still don t have a g.f or anything but i haven’t had one in almost four yrs so it really doesn’t make a difference to me anyways

I synced all the audios to my i pod so i will have them where ever i go,I am going to be purchasing the six consultation package after i have made my run at the audios. I cant tell you how much i m looking forward to this,i think about it all the time now…thanks again for all your help J.D.


Dan H.

New York, USA

To the folks at MML

I have been completely transformed. I never realized how “beta” I was - until I discovered the art of being an alpha male through the Modern Male Lifestyle and JD’s teachings.

I had to ask myself - what was I doing? Was it working? And then it was time for a change.

I can’t stress enough how much Mr. Dallas’ one-on-one coaching and audio programs have changed my life - for the better. Women now chase me - as they do with all Alpha Males.

All the best ~


Parker - NJ, USA

I have listened to Pick Up Lines and Alpha 1 and 2 several times already and it is a priceless investment. The best money I ever spent.
Your knowledge and understanding of women is incredible and once again than you so much for helping me out with these brilliant audios.

Please keep me updated with anything new that you bring out,and thanks again for everything.

Your friend and student,


N. Levy


“Jd’s tactics are priceless! I can say, with conviction, that his coaching has affected everything in my life including work, school, friends, and even family.”

Todd M.

Las Vegas, NV - USA


JD – I’ve been struggling for so long with the concept of “alpha male” – it seems the more I’ve tried to read about it, the more confused I got. There is so much conflicting information out there – and even when I find something I think I can use, there’s never any real advice on how to “do” this stuff. Thanks for breaking this down into a truly listenable, learnable art form. My confidence is growing already, just knowing that I have a path. Send me Volume Two immediately.


P. Lewis

Oregon, USA

Hey JD! Pass this on to your readers: “The Art of the Pickup LineAudio Program….this is easily my next favorite after Alpha Life Volume 1 & 2.  I was just listening to it for probably the 10th time.  The program is not just a collection of corny lines, not even close.  It is basically teaching you how to make a good first impression.

A girl is going to make a decision about you pretty quick… if you blow the first impression… well….you pretty much know the rest of that story.  I guess you could possibly turn it around, but the best thing to do would be to make a good solid hit up front.  That is what this program is all about.

JD opens by talking about Johnny Bravo, which made me grin instantly because I got to watch Bravo while attending a Modern Male Lifestyle boot camp.  This guy had every girl he spoke to eating out of his hand in like 30 seconds…..no lie.

Take it from me.. everything JD says about Bravo is true - and everything in JD’s programs is true too.  If you want some good solid no nonsense advice on making a good first impression.. check out “The Art of the Pickup Line”….  later……


Robert - WV, USA

Guys look… If you’re undecided about getting one of JD’s programs or maybe you’re even doing “okay with women” get Alpha Life Vol 1 & Alpha Life Vol 2. I didn’t really have “a lot” of trouble getting women, but I thought I would take a look at JD’s stuff to tune myself up a little. I’m definitely hooked, I have purchased every one of JD’s programs except 1 to date.

I guarantee you that if you only get these 2 programs you will have results. The price of these 2 were just a drop in the bucket compared to how much money I have wasted in the past, not to mention my time. I have attended one of the boot camps and regularly get coached on the phone. I would fly JD to my house but probably couldn’t afford that…

So I’m doing the next best thing and so can you… My only worry now is that JD will become so busy that he won’t have time for me… lol… but chicks texting and calling me around the clock helps take my mind off that a little… .




London, UK

Hey man, this is JB.

I have listened to and have read all your material. I got your products through your website. I wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to this art and science we call seduction.

As I stated last night, I have listened to or read most of the BS out there. You are very much on the right path and right on with everything. From what I have seen most of these so called “gurus” are on the net blogging or have their crew telling others about how great they are. None of their stuff worked for me. You brought amazing and real results. I totally have respect for you.

Thanks again –

Joshua B.


Mr. Dallas,

Thanks so much JD, I do appreciate it and keep up the good work, your products do work better than anything I’ve tried thus far…

I am hearing impaired - and attitude doesn’t require that you be a marvelous conversationalist and so much of communication is not verbal, but, w/ the hearing issue and me I really have to know what to say to get women in bed in the fewest amount of words that pack the biggest bang (no pun intended, well maybe a little).

Since your approach isn’t about telling great jokes, or doing magic tricks, or having the perfect pickup lines, and you seem to focus a lot on attitude and not verbal communication you provide me with a product that is almost custom designed to help me get around my problem with hearing…

Name Withheld

By Request